Pour quelques macros de plus

More macro photos …

Macro Fleur

Macro Fleur

Macro Fleur

Macro Fleur

Macro Fleur

Macro Fleur

Macro Fleur

Macro Fleur


46 thoughts on “Pour quelques macros de plus

      • Et bien écoute, merci, je ne savais pas que c’était un signe de pollinisation, mais cette désorganisation qui m’avait bien accroché l’oeil, ajouté à l’angle de ta prise de vue de cette fleur: cela faisait pour moi une photo formidable!

        • A vrai dire, c’est plus un questionnement qu’une affirmation. Mes cours de biologie végétale ayant bien 20 ans d’ancienneté, je ne me souviens plus très bien si il y a une relation entre la désorganisation des pistils couverts de pollen vus sur cette photo (contrairement aux autres) et la pollinisation en elle-même.
          En tout cas, encore merci 🙂

  1. Yummy! 😀
    I think then, after observation, and not shown in these images, that my blur comes from trying to get my camera lens to work in too close of a distance to my subject. It also appears that the area of clear focus, or depth of field, or both are much more greatly limited. I am also having trouble with motion. I also wonder, since my eyes are very bad and I use another pair of glasses for reading now where the prescription is very different, if I need to use those for image taking, though they only focus on objects so far out from my eyes. I also don’t understand how to tell what kind of lens is on my camera. I know it’s the close up one. I also have one that comes off for distant type images. It isn’t my favorite. I prefer to use my Kodak for that one as then I can zoom on a distant image and get detail. Ooops I didn’t have tea yet. I should have begun with reminding you that I was hopping up and down noticing how your macro shots were looking and coming out. I was taking the errors in my work more personally than was perhaps necessary. Does your camera make up for shake or does the lens ability help that not to cause negative effect?

    • 🙂
      Indeed, each lens has a minimal focusing distance (usually, it is mentioned somewhere in its manual or on the lens itself. Regarding the area of clear focus, that distance is controlled by the setting of the aperture of your lens (a small aperture like f/16 will allow you to have a wider area of clear focus … but less light is coming in your camera so the speed as to be slow which can make it difficult to take good pictures if you have to handle you camera. a large aperture like f/2 or less will, on the contrary, let a lot of light to reach the sensor thus you can use a faster speed and your photos will not get blurry … but the area of clear focus will be very tiny). Unfortunately, I cannot help you regarding you glasses (I do not wear any … yet) … I would say that you should use the one you are using for reading … but I don’t really know. Maybe you can set up your visor so it will feat with your vision and you will not need to wear your glasses. Lenses … you have different type of lenses for macro. Either you buy a real macro lens like mine or you can also just add a small lens on the top of any kind of lens you are using. This is not perfect in terms of quality but it will allow you to reduce that minimal focusing distance I was talking about above and it is way much cheaper than a real lens ! Finally, my camera has an anti-shaking system directly embedded in its body so I can mount whatever lens I want, they will all be stabilized (even the very old ones). This system is the reason why I chose that camera from Olympus instead of the Panasonic line of micro 4/3 that is compatible with Olympus in terms of lenses (I wanted to be able to use some old lenses from the 1970s that I have and enjoy a good stabilization system). Enjoy you tea !!! 🙂

  2. Wow these are amazing, especially the last photo with the bumble bee. That close up shot is superb! Lisa

  3. Comme à ton habitude, de magnifiques photos ! Elles font rêver et donner envie d’être minuscule pour se promener au milieu de ces fleurs. Ils en ont de la chance les insectes finalement =)

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