Very Inspirational Blogger- One Lovely Blog Award – Blog of the 2012 Year Award

Merci  / Thanks a lot !!!!!

Ces derniers mois, j’ai eu l’extrême plaisir de recevoir ces gentilles marques d’attention de la part d’autres blogueurs 🙂

Vous trouverez à la fin une liste de superbes blogs à visiter … il faudra que je les rajoute à ma blogroll rapidement.

La suite est en Anglais !


Yesterday, I received twice the “Blog of the 2012 Year Award” !

And few months ago, I also received two “Very inspiring Blogger Awards” and a “One Lovely Blog Award”.

I do not really like the “write things about your self” that is very often part of these awards so I will just say stupid things … or not 😉

So, let’s go through these rules .

One Lovely Blog Award and Very Inspirational Blogger:

one-lovely-blog-award1 very-inspirational-blogger1

  1. Give generous thanks to the blogger that nominated you
  2. Write Seven things about your self
  3. Make a list of 15 bloggers you admire and let them know how awesome they are! These folks are the next round of honorees for the “One Lovely Blog Award”

Rule number one is (I always think about “fight club” when I say that) of course to thank the very nice persons who gave you these awards !!

So many many thanks to  and Sigoese for their “Very inspiring Blogger Awards” and Travel . Culture . Food for the “One Lovely Blog Award “.

Ok … then, the 7 things …

  • I’m super happy to be the uncle of  little miss Kiara since two days !
  • Dragons are great
  • I I’m still dreaming about going to visit the magnificent city of Carcassonne.
  • Coffee is great !!
  • I need vacations !!!!!
  • One more thing to say …
  • … But I don’t know what else to say !!!! 😀

Blog of the Year 2012 Award

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog of the Year 2012 award.
2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen. There is no minimum or maximum number of blogs required, present them with their award.
3. Please include a link back to this page. Blog of the Year 2012 Award:
4. Let the Blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the, “rules” with them.
5. You can also join our Facebook group – click the link on this page: ‘Blog of the Year 2012 Award‘ Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience.
6. As a winner of the award, please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award, and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar and start collecting stars.

  • That will be done just bellow !
  • Of course these blogs are fantastics !!!
  • Done above
  • I will ! Of course !!
  • Maybe
  •  I deeply thanks Sigoese (again !!!) and Wisiwis (What I See is What I Shoot) for both Blog of the 2012 Year Awards !!!

And now, please go visit these wonderful blogs !!!

One Lovely Blog Award and Blog of the 2012 Year Award:

Very Inspirational Blogger and Blog of the 2012 Year Award:

43 thoughts on “Very Inspirational Blogger- One Lovely Blog Award – Blog of the 2012 Year Award

  1. eh bien, vous vous décernez de belles récompenses, mais c’est mérité !
    Je ne connais pas la plupart de ces blogs, sauf celui de Lalydo… beaucoup de choses encore à découvrir sur la toile !
    Bonne journée

  2. Si je m’attendais à ça ! Merci beaucoup, ça fait plaisir 🙂 Ton blogue fait partie de mes lectures quotidiennes depuis un bon moment déjà. Très rafraîchissant, j’aime beaucoup ta simplicité. Je vais certainement aller visiter les autres blogueurs qui ont aussi été récompensés afin de découvrir d’autres petits bijoux du Web. Félicitations à toi aussi pour tes “awards”.

    Bonne soirée ! (du Québec 🙂 / Bonne nuit


  3. Congratulations on your well deserved awards and congratulations to all those remarkable bloggers who received your nomination. I am celebrating! Most of all, thank you for all the time, effort and creativity that goes into every one of your posts. You have an extraordinary way of looking at the world through an artist’s lens. I look forward to 2013!!!

  4. Félicitations, et merci pour ces liens, des blogs à découvrir, ma curiosité sans limite aime ! mais parfois le temps me manque 😉
    Bonne journée !

  5. Congratulations on your much deserved blog awards. Your photos surprise and inspire me. And I am hugely jealous of your B&W skills. I also love your eye for perspective and composition, and look forward to what you’ll post next.

    Given my admiration for your work, I feel very honored that you’ve nominated my blog. Thank you.

  6. Congratulations Mathias! c’est aussi mon blog number one depuis que j’ai mis les yeux ici !! 🙂 je profite de cette occasion pour le redire, c’est un plaisir à chaque fois de découvrir chaque post, chaque photo … A chaque fois c’est un détail, une atmosphère… Merci de partager ce regard … En attendant le “making off” du photographe photographié dans des situations insolites ou acrobatiques 😉 … Bonne continuation 🙂

  7. Félicitations Mathias !!!!! et merci beaucoup !!!!! je suis touchée par cette jolie distinction 🙂 sur mon blog, j’ai créé un lien vers ton blog (dans mon blogroll) 😉

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