Pont (Projet Photo 33/52)

Les cadenas d’amour se retrouvent sur tous les ponts du monde, j’ai l’impression. en voici un joli situé sur un pont de  l’ “Englischer Garten” à Munich.

(pas de pont du 15 Aout pour moi … pas grave, je prends mes vacances dans quelques semaines 🙂 )

I have the feeling that nowadays, padlocks of love can be found on all bridges in the world. Here is a beautiful one located on a bridge in the Englischer Garten” in Munich.

(“Pont” in French means bridge but it is also a word that we use to describe a long weekend. Basically, it is a bridge between a day off somewhere between tuesday and thursday and the weekend. But I did not take a “bridge” for August 15 this year … Anyway, it’s fine because I take my vacation in a few weeks :))

Mon choix (my choice): 

Boitier: Olympus OM-D E-M5

Temps d’exposition: 1/200 sec

Ouverture: f/5.6

Exposition: Manuelle

ISO: 1600

Distance Focale: 42.00 mm

19 thoughts on “Pont (Projet Photo 33/52)

    • I guess, the symbol, here, is not the prison but rather the strong bond that exist between two people … and don’t worry, I’m sure they all kept the key … just in case (this is my non-romantic part that is speaking here) 😀

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