Dernier billet sur la Normandie avant mon prochain passage par là-bas (sauf pour une photo peut-être) …

On quitte la Normandie … et la brume se lève …

Last post on Normandy before my next visit there (except maybe for another photo) …

We leave the Normandy … and the mist is coming

35 thoughts on “Brume

  1. Exquiste. What a haunting series. Just beautiful. Theadora (Flashback! Reminds me of an early morning running race in Saint-Denis during the winter. Sigh!)

  2. This is a wonderful series of photos. Fog brings a simplicity and calm like no other subject.

  3. Très belle série. J’ai d’agréables souvenirs de vacances en Normandie, plusieurs années qand j’étais ado.
    j’aime beaucoup les ambiances brume. Bravo!

    • Thanks a lot Michael !
      This is the road between Fécamp (the beach in one of these pictures) and Yport (where I took the picture of the cliff) … in Normandy.

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