Etretat en Noir et Blanc (#3)

Toujours des oiseaux … un pêcheur et la brume tombe …

Some birds … a fisherman and the mist is coming …

34 thoughts on “Etretat en Noir et Blanc (#3)

  1. One of your best series! I’m unsure of the ID of the Gull!!! Anyway, I think it’s NOT a Herring Gull ( Worlds most common gull). Gulls are extremely tricky even for professional birders!

  2. It would be easy to give an ID if you saw the bird in color. The Herring Gull has a yellow ring around the eyes the Yellow-legged Gull a red ring around the eyes AND Herring Gulls have red legs.

    • Tricky, indeed !!
      I checked and I had mostly Herring Gull (yellow ring and red leg).
      But, I have a problem with the one that is in the firsts picture because it has both red eye and red legs !!!

  3. So to make it even more difficult, I checked this up! In breeding plumage , the Herring Gull has a red ring!!!!! I never deal so much with Gull details because it’s very complicated with subspecies etc, etc.

    As a habitat your place is extremely suitable for Seabirds with all the cliffs for nesting, wonderful pictures and atmosphere! Ann

    • You’re right !! It’s getting more and more complicated !!
      Unfortunately, I’m not living there … I just came to Etretat less than 2 days …
      But I’ve seen some gulls in Paris !! 🙂

  4. J’aime beaucoup cette petite chapelle sur les falaises, seule face à la mer… (oui j’ai l’âme poétique ce matin..)

  5. Fort bien réussit cette série! Tu nous gâtes avec toutes cette belle variété d’images. J’aime beaucoup celle du goéland et de l’église dans la brume, au loin on dirait le rocher percé de la Gaspésie, au Québec. 😉

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