C’est où ? / Where is it ? (variante du kesako)

Tiens, il est tard, je suis fatigué, j’ai pas préparé mon billet … alors, je me la joue paresseux … promis, les longs posts reprennent ce soir !!

Mais en attendant, dites moi où j’ai bien pu prendre cette photo !!

Ok, it’s late, I haven’t prepared post and I’m tired (my bed is calling me) … So I’doing my lazy Mathias … I promise, you’ll have longer posts again starting this evening .

But before, please let me know where do you think I took this picture !!

27 thoughts on “C’est où ? / Where is it ? (variante du kesako)

      • Ahh – I answered a smaller question – “where did I take this photo?” – “next to a wall”.

        The wall is on your sister’s house in Cap Ferret, near the back entrance (about 2.5m), the drop is about 170cm off the ground. 🙂

      • Well, can’t win them all… 🙂

        The thing I find very wierd is that my immediate gut reaction to your image and your question was to answer “the wailing wall”. I didn’t answer that for a variety of reasons, but I think you must have captured something in this image that strikes a deep chord for my subconscious to have reacted that way.

      • Somewhere, I understand your view … and the picture literally fits with it.
        Your reaction is really interesting, I’m wondering what could be the nature of this deep chord of yours !!

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  2. Un petit passage.. j’ai admiré quelques photos..
    J’ai quitté Hellocoton dans un bruit de tintamare sous fond de commérages !
    La team n’a pas été juste du tout, mais ils auront le juste retour de leur débilité… parfois on est très étonné du véritable visage de certains.
    Là, je répertorie tous mes contacts, et rebooste mon blog.
    A bientôt !

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