Le ponte Vecchio (Florence #8)

On descend vers le fleuve Arno … où l’on y trouve le magnifique Ponte Vecchio.

Let’s walk a little bit further in the direction the the river Arno … to find the magnificent Ponte Vecchio.


10 thoughts on “Le ponte Vecchio (Florence #8)

  1. J’aime bien la première … et la sixième et … en fait toute la série 😉 ! Il est grand temps que j’aille découvrir Florence.

  2. Do you know if there still is a gallery of self portraits in the walkway that is above the bridge – the one that joins two palaces? When I visited Florence a very long time ago, it was the highlight of my whole visit – hundreds of self portraits by the masters. But they only let 25 people a day through to have a look.

    • Unfortunately, we only had one day to visit the city … so just went to the Galleria dell’Accademia where the David is located. The rest of the day, we stayed outside, enjoying the architecture and the weather …

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