Lille by night (Lille Part.9)

Et voilà, fin de la balade Lilloise !

À bientôt pour une balade … Bordelaise !!





8 thoughts on “Lille by night (Lille Part.9)

  1. oh, wow! I want so much to learn how to do night photography. I have a canon rebel and stubbornly use it on manual but night photography is a bit of a challenge still. Again, beautiful, sensitive photos. A pleasure.

    • Easy 😉
      First of of all if you don’t want a too grainy picture, you have to avoid high iso settings (I guess that with your rebel, you can easily climb up to iso 1600 without too much noise … mine is a little bit more limited in this area … if I can stick to iso 200-800, I do it … 1600 is OK but in RAW and I have to use a post-processing software in order to make the picture look better).

      Second of all, the fastest lens, the better !! The one I use is a fix 20mm / f1.7 (that is the equivalent of a 40mm with my camera). This allow you to capture a huge amount of light.

      Finally, if you have to use a speed below 1/60 sec, you better have a stabilized camera (or lens) !

      So, if you can combine high speed lens (bellow or around f2.0) and a high iso setting, you can obtain brighter night pictures !!
      With that kind of settings, what you can have also is the ability to avoid blurry people (if they are moving, you will be able to “freeze” them like under daylight).
      Good luck and have fun 🙂

      PS: I might have shot these pictures at iso 200 this is why some people are a little bit blurry.

    • Yes, Lille is a very nice city … since I’m from south France, I just discovered it few months ago.
      If I can help with my tips then I’ll be happy … 🙂

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